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4 Creative Games For Kids To Get To Know The Art And Fun Of Archery

by Alexa Hamilton

Competition. It seems to drive this world. However, it doesn't always have to be about who wins. Sometimes, it can just be about having fun with those who are close to you. This is important for children who are starting out with archery. Archery is an exciting activity for children to be involved in, as it teaches a number of skills. Unfortunately, when things get too competitive, kids may not want to have any part in it. To avoid this, consider making things fun. Here are a few enjoyable archery activities for kids:

1. Pop the Balloon.

Activities don't have to be crazy out there for kids to enjoy themselves. You can stay simple by adding balloons to a target or a piece of cardboard and letting them shoot them. It is a good way to get practice in and let them get the feel of the bow and shooting the arrow. To make things more interesting and fun, fill the balloons with water, glitter or anything else for some really awesome explosions with each hit.


You could also use balloons to play the traditional basketball game of "HORSE". Consider numbering the balloons to begin with. The shooter calls out the balloon that he or she will shoot. If the shooter misses, he or she gets a letter. If the shooter gets it, he or she can continue going or the next shooter can begin (depends on how you want to play it).

3. Tic-Tac-Toe.

This is a basic pen and paper game, but it can be a ton of fun with a bow and arrow. Draw out the game on a piece of cardboard and set up a pre-determined amount of feet away from the shooters. Just like with the traditional game, there will be two players. You'll take turns trying to get three in a row. Make sure that the arrow tips are different colors so that you can keep up with who is who. Just make sure you are on target because if you miss your wished-for square, you could help the other person win!

4. Mathematics Fun.

If your child is having trouble with math in school, yet he or she loves archery, consider combining the two to make math more enjoyable and understandable. Blow up balloons and write out equations on them. Give your child the answer to an equation and let them find the right one and pop the balloon. You could do this vice versa where the balloons hold the answer and you give your child the equation. You don't have to use balloons for this, as anything will do, such as old Christmas ornaments, pieces of paper, etc.

Good old-fashioned fun should never be given the cold shoulder. For more archery game ideas or help choosing the right bow and arrow, contact a local archery supply store.

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