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Why Golf Apparel Matters: The Explanation behind the Outfit

by Alexa Hamilton

Given the relaxed nature of golf, you might assume that you can wear anything when you golf. However, that is not entirely true. There are valid reasons for why certain pieces of casual clothing are more acceptable on a golf course than, say, a pair of cut-off denim shorts. The following reasons will help clue you in to golf apparel and why it should be part of your golfing adventures.

Not Your Dad's Polo Shirt

All of these polo shirts you see other golfers wear are not just a fashion trend or statement. These are shirts made with moisture-wicking fabric and breathable mesh materials. Even though you might not be getting in a lot of cardio on the green, being out in the sun for a couple of hours can still make you sweat, as can several swings to get a ball out of a sand trap. The pros wear them to stay cool and comfortable, especially in climates where humidity and heat tend to be overwhelming on the course.

"Going from the Course to the Office" Pants

Most golf pants are designed after business casual slacks for a reason. Golf has long been the sport of doctors and lawyers, and taking time out of one's busy day to switch pants a couple extra times just to play the game is not practical. Most golf pants also provide the same dry and sweatproof technology golf shirts do too.

Nothing Like Golf Cleats for a Powerful Follow-Through and Membership

Golf cleats are very different from baseball cleats and football cleats. The much smaller cleat pins on the bottoms of golf shoes take into account the real earth of the green. They grip without gripping so hard you cannot follow through on your swing. They also help balance your posture and keep your swing from hitting too hard and too fast. Although you are free to wear tennis shoes on the course, some golf ranges and clubs will not allow you to play or to enter the club if you are wearing the wrong attire or the wrong footwear.

Other Useful Attire

Visors and hats may look cheesy, but they block the sun from your eyes so you can see where you want the ball to go. They keep the sweat out of your eyes by collecting it in the brow rim. Golf shorts have all the benefits of golf pants, except that you probably should not wear them back into the office and that shorts will keep you more comfortable in hot and humid conditions. Golf gloves are not just for pretty looks, either. They help you keep a firm grip on your club when you swing. For more information on golf apparel, talk to a professional.