Sports Participation is Good for Kids

Improve Your Office's 'Fun Factor' With Trophies

by Alexa Hamilton

Winning a sports championship isn't the only viable time to hoist a trophy. In the business world, including trophies in a variety of ways can motivate your employees and even improve your organization's productivity. Getting in touch with a company like Washington Trophy Center that produces trophies and provides custom engraving allows you to pick exactly the right type of trophy, regardless of the occasion. Here are some ideas for getting started.

Company Goal Trophies

Instead of simply recognizing staff members who help the company reach or exceed it goals by sending an email, organize a fun ceremony in which you present a trophy. Although many trophies display sport-specific figures, it's possible to get a generic trophy -- or even one suited to your industry -- and have a plaque engraved for the topic of sales, customer service or another area of your business. For the example of sales, present the trophy to the top-grossing salesperson at the end of each month and have his or her name engraved on the trophy. The salesperson gets to keep the trophy for the month, and at the end of the month you can gather the group to announce the new winner.

Team-Building Trophies

Many companies hold annual retreats or workshops to improve camaraderie, and incorporating trophies into the mix can add to the fun. Such events typically include not only trust-building and ice-breaking games but also games in which the staff is divided into small groups. Whether the groups are tasked with winning an obstacle course, scavenger hunt or something more serious, such as presenting a cost-saving idea to senior management, giving a trophy to the top group recognizes a job well done. One approach is to recognize the best team with a large trophy that can be displayed in the office lunch room for the year, but to also give individual team members smaller trophies to keep.

Other Trophy Ideas

Using trophies to recognize your staff who stand out during their day-to-day duties can improve morale and help staff members know that management values their efforts. Think of some areas that you wish to highlight beyond an employee's ability to help the company meet it goals, and then make a quarterly trophy presentation. For example, introduce a trophy to recognize a staff member who is a true team player and does plenty behind the scenes without looking for credit or present a trophy to someone who goes beyond his or her job description to ensure projects are done on time.