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Holding A Golf Tournament To Raise Funds For A Cause

by Alexa Hamilton

If you would like to raise money for a special cause in your community, holding a golf tournament is an excellent way to include members in your town while making a large amount in donations. It is not that difficult to set up a tournament so people participating will enjoy themselves while giving money to a great cause. If you host a tournament properly, you will most likely see repeat business year after year if you hold it annually. Here are some tips to use when hosting a golf tournament of your own.

Reserving The Course

When holding a tournament, a private golf course usually works best because it can be reserved so there are no other golfers playing at the time of your event. Using a private course, such as a country club golf course, will also be favorable to golfers because it may be a course they don't normally have access to play on, making it exciting for them try something new. When reserving, ask if there is an area inside to hold a luncheon for your participants. If not, see if there is an area available for a large tent to be set up.

Setting The Price

When hosting a tournament, you will be making most of your donations from the registration fees of the participants. Consider having special rates where groups of four can golf along with a local celebrity or professional golfer. These tickets would be desirable to people who enjoy a good game of golf and would boost your revenue. Another way to make money for the fundraiser is by having participants collect donations from others. 

Collecting Sponsors

Ask local area businesses if they would consider being a sponsor for your event. Have them pay a fee for this honor. The company name could be displayed on brochures, score cards or at the tee-off spot of one of the holes being played. All golf participants would read the sponsor names throughout the event, giving the sponsor advertising as a result. The sponsors would gain a lot of attention from media, such as radio ads or flyers, that you set up in advance of the event. T-shirts can be made with the sponsors names upon them for all the golf participants to wear during the event.

Celebrating Afterward

After the golf event is complete, have the participants gather inside or under a tent to enjoy a festive meal together. They will be able to reminisce about the day they had just enjoyed while waiting in anticipation for the presentation of the winners. Have trophies made in advance to give away to the best teams, as well as some special prizes for some of the holes on the course, such as the longest drive, the closest ball to the hole, or for a hole-in-one.